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Creating customer profiles in
Pool Office Manager

  1. Log into POM --> 

  2. Click the Customers icon from the left-hand menu

  3. Select Create Customer


4. Click Contact Info and Custom Fields

Screenshot (52).png

​5.    All highlighted fields are standard and required
a.    Only enter in numbers for the phone number. Special characters will give an error message
6.    Ask the customer if they would like to add any additional or secondary contact information
7.    Status should be switched from Lead to Active
8.    When entering in the customer’s address, it should auto-populate their home. If it does not just enter the address manually
9.    Click Use Address for Billing
10.    Select Call, Text, or Email from Preferred Communication


Screenshot (54).png

​11.    Scroll down to the next section, Service, Pool, and Hot Tub Details
12.    Only the highlighted sections are required
13.    Ensure Residential is selected
a.    For commercial customers, complete their profile and let them know that James will be in touch. Notify James of the account
14.    Pool Type
a.    Inground = ING
b.    Above Ground = ABV
15.    Winter Cover Type – If an ABV pool, do not ask. Just enter Tarp
a.    Safety Cover = SC
b.    Plastic Tarp = Tarp
16.    Sanitizer
a.    Ask what sanitizer they use.
i.    99% of customers have either Chlorine or Salt
ii.    If they indicate something different, enter their answer and notify James 
b.    Select the appropriate Sanitizer (Displayed)
17.    Account Notes
a.    If the customer has any specific details regarding their account, they can be added in the Notes section at the bottom
i.    Customer has guard dogs, security gate codes, etc.

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