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"When should I open my pool?"

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The answer to this frequently asked question is, April! An April opening has two primary benefits for pool owners. The first is improved water chemistry, and the second is an extended pool season. Here’s how!

Water Chemistry

Fun fact, pool algae grows best in temperatures above 50 degrees. If your pool water was clear, blue, and balanced at your closing but turned into a murky green mess at your opening, this didn’t happen during the cold winter months. Hiding in even the most sparkling pool has microscopic bits of algae. Chances are a few warm spring days was all it took to wake them up and get them growing.

Or, perhaps your pool’s water chemistry wasn’t in the best shape when you had it closed. It can happen to the most disciplined pool owner. The warm days are less frequent, the kids are back in school, pumpkin spiced lattes have returned, and your pool is no longer the priority it once was. Unfortunately, this only accelerates algae blooms and often ends with water that resembles a dark green/black sludge. If you’ve been here before you already know that correcting this problem is not only a nightmare, its expensive.

Extended Pool Season

If your equipment needs to be repaired or replaced there’s a good chance, you’ll find out during your pool opening. By opening in April you’ll already be aware of the issue and able to schedule a service call in a timely manner. Discovering this issue and trying to find an available appointment during the height of “opening season” is often challenging. What you’re left with is a pool that’s open but not running. If the water isn’t circulating, chemicals can’t be added, and algae issues aren’t far behind. Or, maybe your pool is operating fine, but your water chemistry is a nightmare beyond your control. Summers in the Capital Region are brief, so every day of the pool season is critical. It’s only a better use of time and resources to get these problems resolved before they impact the longevity of your season.

“If opening your pool in April is so great, why doesn’t everyone do that?”

Customers often cite the expense of operating their pool for an additional month as the reason they don’t want to open in April. To those who may share that opinion, I offer the following points to consider.

  1. ​On average, electrical use across the state is higher in May as opposed to April. The lower the demand for power, the cheaper your electricity costs. So, if you know you’re going to have a swampy pool that needs to filtrate the water 24/7, April is your less expensive option.

  2. My advice is April, and it doesn’t have to be April 1st. If you think you’ll be in a good spot at your opening, the 2nd-3rd week should work just fine.

  3. The focus is to get your pool ready for May; not reach it prepared for an Arbor Day Pool Party. You should operate your pump at least 8hrs a day during the summer. In April you can modify that requirement to meet your fiscal goals

  4. The chemicals required to balance your pool water will need to be added regardless of the month you decide to open. Products like Alkalinity, Calcium, and PH are typical “one and done.” Maintenance chemicals like Chlorine and Stabilizer will need to be used once your pool is open. However, since the pool isn’t being used, these products can be modified as needed.

  5. The cost to run your pump for a whole additional month will cost less than correcting an extreme case of algae growth.

And if that’s not enough of an incentive, we’re offering $50 off all April openings!!!

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