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About us

At Diamond Pools, we understand how hard it is to find a knowledgeable and reliable partner for the job at hand. That's why we're proud to go far beyond simple pool maintenance: from the spring's first call until the last leaves fall, we're with you for the whole season and beyond.

Our team is comprised of courteous, skilled, and punctual pool experts dedicated to providing exceptional customer experience. This means friendly and easy consultations, comprehensive service reports, clear communication with your technician, en-route notifications, and much more. From our comprehensive Pool School course to our all-inclusive weekly maintenance programs, our services will get you back to lovin' your backyard's slice of heaven in no time.

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Pool Gallery



Seasonal Services

Pool Openings

Pool Closings

Fall & Winter Services


Pool Cleanings

On-Demand &

Scheduled Deep Clean

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Clarity Club

Our all-inclusive maintenance program


Monitoring & Chemicals

Water Quality Tests

Chemical Deliveries

Chemical Restoration 

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Inspect & Maintain

Regular Check-Ups

Pool Repair

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Pool School

DIY Care Classes

Maintenance Tips

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