Chemicals & Monitoring

When it comes to water chemistry, many homeowners find it to be the most frustrating and intimidating aspects of managing their pool. Unfortunately, most major pool repairs are often linked to poor water chemistry, mastering this skill is vital. It’s a science that requires patience, dedication, and, most of all, experience. Attempting to “wing it” will only make the situation worse and ultimately cost you more to have it corrected. ​


To get your pool back on track, we develop a comprehensive plan that fits your specific situation. We carefully monitor and treat your pool while keeping you up to date every step of the way. We encourage you to take a look at the photos below to see a sample of the pools we’ve rescued. 


​While most folks are aware of green algae, it not the only culprit out there. Along with green, there’s also yellow, black, and pink algae. Beyond that, there’s also chlorine lock, cloudy/milky water, persistent foam, suspended particles, and more. Ultimately, if you’re not confident in the steps you’re about to take, don't take them. Instead, we strongly encourage you to contact us for a consultation. 


Chemical Deliveries


Complete the form below to get started on your delivery. There are two options in the order form. 


  1. Enter your requested chemicals and the amount needed

  2. Give us your pool dimensions and water test results, and we’ll do the calculations for you!

After your request is processed, you’ll receive an electronic invoice. Once we receive your payment, your delivery will be initiated. 

$50 Minimum Purchase

10% Delivery Surcharge

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If you are unable to give an estimated numerical result, please describe the results of your test.


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