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Clarity Club Membership

Introducing Clarity Club: Diamond Pool's signature pool service!


The Clarity Club is a subscription-based maintenance package combining pool cleanings, equipment inspections and chemical applications, designed to ensure homeowners get the most use of their pool all season long.


Clarity Club members don’t just get a technician, they are assigned a Pool Partner: a reliable professional available whenever and wherever they are needed. The open accessibility of Pool Partners is a cornerstone of our premium service, because we care about your pool enjoyment just as much as you do.


Spaces are limited so if you are interested in having your pool managed by a professional Pool Partner, contact us today!


Service Overview

  • Deep clean with our commercial grade RipTide vac-system

  • Skim water surface to remove all floating debris

  • Scrub the scum line along the pool wall as well as brush pool walls, stairs, and floor.

  • Clean out skimmer and pump baskets and backwash filter to relieve pressure and restore flow rate

  • Inspect pool equipment, verify that everything is working properly, and resolve any issues

  • Conduct an 11-point digital water analysis for precise chemistry readings

  • Provide a service report detailing the work that was completed, the results of the water analysis, all chemicals that were added, any instructions for the homeowner, and a photo of our work.

Membership Rewards

  • Immediate and direct access to your assigned Pool Partner.

  • 1 free additional cleaning for issues that may arise between visits.

  • Pay monthly or prepay for the season to save even more!

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