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Scheduling Appointments in
Pool Office Manager

Appointment Rules

  1. Only schedule appointments for Monday-Friday

  2. Customers are selecting a day, not a time. We do not accommodate times. See FAQs

  3. No appointments scheduled with less than 24hrs notice

  4. Service limited to 20mi radius around Troy, NY. Requests outside of this service area are subject to travel fees. Forward these requests to James

  1. Log into POM --> 

  2. Click the Schedule icon from the left-hand menu

Screenshot (56).png

3. Select the tab for the Map Display

4. Ask the customer for their town and scroll through the dates to find the best appropriate day for their appointment.

Screenshot (57).png

5. Once a date is determined, click Combined

6Double check the Appointment Date and click Create Appointment

Screenshot (58).png

7.    Complete all highlighted fields
a.    Customer field is searchable
b.    The correct date should auto-populate but the time is current. Enter all appointment times as 9am
c.    Type = The type of service being performed. If unsure, select Note and enter the description in the Appt Private Notes section
d.    Select the appropriate technician

Screenshot (59).png

8.    Items – Opening, Closing, and Cleaning services all have upgrades available
a.    Ask the customer if they are interested in hearing about their options
b.    If they would like to select an upgrade, type Upgrade into the Enter Inventory Item field. This will auto populate all upgrades. Select the option(s) they would like to include

Screenshot (62).png

9.    Notes – If the customer or appointment has specific details please list them here
a.    Notes for Customer – The customer AND technician can see the note
i.    Ex – Customer requests a call ahead notification prior to heading to their house
b.    Appt Private Notes – ONLY the technician can see the note

Sending Notifications in
Pool Office Manager

1.    After your appointment is saved, it will appear above with that day’s appointments
2.    Click on the appointment you created 
3.    Click Open
then click the Email and Text Icon
a.    Once clicked the pop-up will disappear and the email and text has been sent
4.    Follow this same process if you need to modify or delete an appointment. Be sure to click Update if any changes are made 

Screenshot (60).png
Screenshot (61).png
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