Pool Opening Service

  • Remove clean and store pool cover

    • In-ground pool water bag covers require an additional fee of $30

  • Reset deck anchors (In-ground Pools)

  • Install pool components & fittings

  • Clean and Install ladders and handrails

  • Assemble, run, and inspect pool equipment (pump, filter, heater,ect)

  • Lubricate fittings, valves, O-rings, and plugs

  • Assemble and inspect skimmer basket and housing

  • Backwash filter

  • Pool Opening chemical treatment

  • Troubleshoot pool system as needed.

    • Some issues may require an additional service call

Available Upgrades

Cover Cleaning

Anything that exists on top of your cover may fall into the pool during its removal. To avoid this issue request the Cover Cleaning upgrade when booking your opening service

Advanced Water Chemistry Testing

Start the year off with the knowledge you need. This test provides results for 12 different elements and organic materials! The same testing done in a pool store but in your own backyard.


Deck Power Washing

Whether its the wooden deck for your above ground or the concrete decking for your in-ground, these surfaces take a beating. Add a power washing upgrade to rejuvenate your pool deck

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