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Cleaning vs Chemistry

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Your pool looks gross, and you want it sparkling again. Homeowners will often contact us and request their pool to be cleaned. Except when we arrive, the issue is their water chemistry. This slight confusion can often prolong your situation. The easiest way to identify the service you need is, COLOR = CHEMISTRY A pool cleaning removes debris from your pool—things like leaves, dirt, bugs, grass. But regardless of the amount of debris, you can still see the pool floor. If your water is anything other than blue and clear, your chemistry needs to be adjusted. If the water is thick and black, it's a more significant issue than a pool that a shade of green. Notify our staff of the color and the degree of visibility to the bottom of your pool. A pool can also have issues with BOTH chemistry and the amount of debris. If this is the case, we'll assess the situation on our arrival and develop the best course of action for your pool/

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