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Collections Process in QuickBooks

1. Log into QuickBooks -->

Email -

Password - Di@mond4u

2. Select Dashboard

3. Select "Business Overview"

4. Hover over "Overdue Invoices" and click

Screenshot (73).png

5. Any status noted as UNDELIVERABLE is a result of an error with the email address. Contact customer, update email, remove late fees and resend invoice

6. Click a customer's name to see their invoice

Screenshot (75).png

7. Pull up the customer's phone number in POM

8. Call customer and notify them politely that the balance on their invoice is past its due date. Also inform them that if they call back to process their payment over the phone, the late fees will be removed

9. If they answer and wish to process their payment, delete the late fees and click "Save"

10. Scroll up and process their payment.

Screenshot (77).png

*Helpful Hint*


If the customer claims they never received their invoice, scroll down to the "Activities" section below the invoice. From here you can see when emails were sent and viewed

However, if their email is misspelled it may have been opened and viewed by someone else

Screenshot (76).png
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